Play Free War Card Game Online

War is one of the simplest and oldest card games of all time and it is a popular choice for players seeking a casual game that can offer hours of fun and entertainment. This game is played with just two players and it makes use of a standard deck of cards. With war card games online, players can play against others and even compete for top scores. War is offered at just about every online site that features any type of card game and with simple rules and fast gameplay, it has become one of the most popular card games played. Many of our GameGarden visitors enjoy playing this game at home and it is a top bicycle card game that is an easy selection for anyone that is looking to spend some time playing a simple game of cards with another player.

Rules of War

When playing war card games online, the goal of the game is to win all of the cards in the deck. When the game starts, all cards will be dealt evenly to the players and each player will then reveal the top card in their stack. The card that has the highest value will win that play and the player will collect the cards. This process continues until all cards have been won by a single player.

Aces will always be the high card when playing and there is no value of suits in the game, so it is only the face value of the card that will play a role. Should players reveal matching cards, war card games online will be declared. At this time, players will place the next card from their pile face down and then reveal a face-up card. The card with eth higher value will win all cards, so this is a great way to collect even more cards and have a better chance of winning the game. It is possible to get multiple war card games online in a single play, so this game can offer some great forms of excitement.

Strategies While Playing

When playing war card games online, there are no true strategies that will alter the outcome of the game. All plays are completely random, so players will not have to spend any time acquiring skills or learning strategies to have better chances of winning. However, when players choose to war card games online at casino sites and are wagering real money, things become a bit more enhanced and in these cases, strategies will be used. Casino War is a popular card game that can be found at many leading casino sites and players will find they can place multiple wagers and receive some handsome payouts.

Play War at Online Casinos

Since War has become such a popular game, it has been developed into a casino game that can be played for real money wagers. With Casino War, the game is played just as it is at home or online with just a few exceptions. When there is a tie, players can either surrender and lose half of their bet or they can choose to go to war, which will require a double stake. With War declarations, the dealer will discard three cards before dealing an additional card and the winner will win the original wager amount.

With Casino War, there is also the chance to place a side bet where players will be betting on whether there will be a tie. If the player does bet on a tie and their card matches the dealer, they will win a payout of 10:1 on the amount of the wager that has been placed. Unlike war card games online or those bicycle war games played at home, Casino War will make use of multiple decks and the more decks that are used, the lower the chances of winning. When choosing a Casino War game online, players should try to find those that use the fewest number of decks so they have an advantage and can possibly win more money in return. Casino War games can also be played at online casinos in a free format, where no wager is placed, but players can become familiar with game rules and betting options before they risk any money at the site.